Alessio Bertotti – Showreel with Breakdowns of VFX, Compositing, 3D and Motion Graphics works.

Feature films

– Avengers: Age of Ultron (Trixter): compositing and prep, creation of motion graphics for the holograms.
– Independence Day: Resurgence (Trixter): compositing of the sphere, the hologram and the metal cge/structure that opens.
– Captain America: Civil War (Trixter): compositing and prep, with replacement of Black Panther CG charachter.
– Pixels (Trixter): compositing of CG elements and comp look dev of Mario character.
– Everest (Important Looking Pirates): deep compositing of real characters in the snow storm and set extensions creating matte paintings.
– After Earth (Pixomondo): sequence compositing and keying of foreground and background people, gizmo creation (to create custom zdepth and shadows passess of people projected on cards, using the default Nuke scanline render)
– Only Lovers Left Alive (Pixomondo): dead man replace through 1300 frames using projection tecniques and 3D tracking; sequence compositing with screen replacements in various devices.
– The Expendables 3 (Worldwide FX): deep compositing of 3D elements, set extension, tracking, keying and cleanup;look dev for the heat/night visor and hud; tracking and compositing of 2D and 3D elements; face replacement using 3D model with projected animated textures.

TV Series

– Constantine (Important Looking Pirates): smoke compositing and tracking from 2D elements, CG heads integration; bugs and swarm compositing and integration adding warping and shadows on the skin.
– Lorenzo negli Stadi: Introduction (iMasterArt): VFX supervisor from the bidding to the final product, coordinating a team of artists. Compositing look dev and 3D modeling and animation.


– Vision Express (Fieldtrip): opening shot compositing, look development, modelling and camera animation, created using multiple footages projected on geometry.
– Bet365 (Absolute Post): backgrounds compositing and hologram head look development and animation through 3D and 2D processes.
– Direct Line (Fieldtrip): sequences compositing through tracking, cleanup and CG integration; headphones modeling, texturing, rendering and compositing; inside chimeny look development.
– Check24 (Trixter): compositing and keying of multiple footages made with motion controls.
– Mercedes Benz Assist (Pixomondo): 2D and 3D supervision, modeling, shading and compositing.
– BMW 5 Series (Pixomondo): camera animations and cars rig, to use in the pipeline for automated render of all the configurations of the cars.
– The Land of Plenti (Fieldtrip): tracking and compositing various footages shot with motion control in slow motion, with the addition of 3D elements.
– Gillette FC (Rumblefish): compositing, set extension, keying, rotoscoping, tracking and cleanup; modeling, texturing, shading and rig of various stadium elements.
– Signal (Toboga): rotoscoping and keying.
– Go Ahead (Fieldtrip): packaging replacement using 2D techniques.
– Smyths (Unit Media): compositing, tracking, wire removal/cleanup and sky replacements.
– Mr Green (Smoke & Mirrors): tracking and cleanup setup for the footages done with motion control.
– Bubbles (Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park): lead 2D and 3D artist, dynamics and compositing.
– Canary Warf (Escape Studios): foreground modeling, texturing, shading and lighting using Atomkraft, Mari and Nuke; background done with camera projections; compositing and grading.
Music Video
– Something Really Bad (Partizan): compositing of the elements that were projected on set. On set VFX assistance and advisor; compositor in the post production process.

Motion Graphics

– Tiger (Boumaka): motion graphics animations.
– Climate Changes (PoliMi): motion graphics setup and animations look dev.
– Lycia (Rumblefish): motion graphics animation and design.
– Around (PoliMi): motion graphics animations setup and opening scene look dev.

Programs used: Nuke, Maya, After Effects, Mudbox, MatchMover, PFTrack, Mari, Atomkraft, Photoshop, UVLayout, Mocha, Premiere Pro

Music: Rocket From The Crypt – Bring Us Bullets

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